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    We offer 5 different widths of collars to fit all size dogs. Here is a sizing chart to help you select width.

    Dog Weight - Width
    • 3-10lbs - 1/2"
    • 11-28lbs - 3/4"
    • 29-36lbs - 1"
    • 37-50lbs - 1"
    • 51-90lbs - 1.5"
    • 91-110lbs - 2"
    • 111-225lbs - 2"

    *There are exceptions to this chart, and these are only suggestions.

    *A narrow collar will show less of the fabric print. Primary product photography is shown in 1.5” Width. 


    Our collars are made in 4 standard lengths. Use this chart to help select the proper length of collar based on your dog’s weight.

    Dog Weight - Length

    • 3-10lbs - 6-10"
    • 11-28lbs - 10-16"
    • 29-36lbs - 10-16” or 13-23”
    • 37-50lbs - 13-23"
    • 51-90lbs - 13-23"
    • 91-110lbs - 18-30"
    • 111-225lbs - 18-30"

    *There are exceptions to this chart, and these are only suggestions.

    * For a perfect fit add your dog’s exact neck measurement to the order notes during checkout.

    Type of Collar:

    Our collars are made in several different types. Not all types of collars are available in every width or length. 

    • Plastic Buckle- Easy to get on and off, but sturdy & rugged enough to keep your dog safe. Plastic buckles are the most popular type of collar. We use the highest quality military grade plastic buckles that are manufactured in the USA.
    • Martingale- Martingales are a type of collar with a double loop design that tightens when on a leash.   This type of collar is a slip over the head collar that provides extra safety and security during walks. Martingale collars are humane and will not choke your dog when worn properly.
    • Simple Slip- Very similar in concept to a martingale and designed for the same application, just without the second loop. This collar tightens in the same manner that a basic choke chain does, but is restricted by a Kevlar seam that prevents your dog from choking.  
    • Kitty Clip - Small plastic breakaway buckle for cats. Only available in ½” Width and 6-10” Length.  For hefty kitties please make a note at checkout to request extra length. 

    *SLiK Hound collars are not intended for tie outs.

    Red Dingo Tags:

    SIZES & DIMENSIONS Small Medium Large
    Diameter 20mm
    Height 24mm
    Weight 7g